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# $Id: Changes 1868 2005-08-09 20:42:29Z btrott $
Revision history for XML::Feed
0.06 2005.08.09
- Added Feed->convert and Entry->convert methods to allow conversion
between formats.
- Added ability to create new Feed and Entry objects, add entries, etc.
- Added $PREFERRED_PARSER variable to allow usage of compatible
RSS parsers, like XML::RSS::LibXML. Thanks to Tatsuhiko Miyagawa
for the patch.
0.05 2005.01.01
- Call URI::Fetch::URI_GONE() instead of URI::Fetch::FEED_GONE(). Thanks
to Richard Clamp for the patch.
0.04 2004.12.31
- Use "loose" parsing in DateTime::Format::Mail so that we don't die
on invalid RFC-822 dates.
- XML::Feed::Entry->link on RSS feeds will now use a <guid> element
if a <link> element isn't found.
- Switched to using URI::Fetch when fetching feeds. Since we're not
storing or caching feeds currently, this basically just buys us
GZIP support, but that's something.
0.03 2004.10.09
- Fixed bug with feed format detection: properly detect format even in
feeds with <!DOCTYPE> at the top. (Thanks to Alberto Quario for the
- Use Class::ErrorHandler instead of XML::Feed::ErrorHandler.
- Moved auto-discovery code into Feed::Find. XML::Feed->find_feeds is
now just a wrapper around that module.
0.02 2004.07.29
- Changed behavior of Entry->summary to prevent it from returning the
full contents of the entry. Now, in an RSS feed, summary only returns
a value if there is both a <description> element *and* one of the
other elements typically used for the full content.
- Changed content model for Entry->content and Entry->summary.
They now return an XML::Feed::Content object, which knows about both
the actual content and the MIME type of the content.
- Improved feed format detection by first tag in feed.
0.01 2004.06.01
- Initial distribution.
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