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UK Railway Announcements

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A website to generate and play UK railway announcements.


Due to a legal notice by Worldline IT Services UK Limited, Atos Anne's audio recordings are no longer available.

For more information, please visit


When Phil Sayer slowly begun leaving the railway, I wished I had gotten more recordings of his announcements. Because I didn't do that back then, I decided I'll do it proactively this time!


⚠️ Please follow these guidelines before submitting any files. If you don't, your PR may not be accepted.

Audio contributions

The folder for audio files can be found at static/audio/.

  • Open a separate pull request for each announcement system you're modifying.
  • Audio files should be split wherever possible, but don't overdo it.
  • Audio files must be mp3 files due to their wide browser support.
  • Files should be named based on the audio within them. For example "We will be calling at" should be we will be calling at.mp3.
  • Stations should be saved by their CRS code.
    • Some announcement systems use a high and low pitch version depending on whether they're at the start or end of a sentence, such as the Class 700/707/717.
    • Don't know a CRS code? Use, or the National Rail Journey Planner.
    • For example, Brighton should be BTN.mp3.

Website contributions

This site is created with the React Framework using Gatsby. If you're not familiar with React or Gatsby, you may want to research them before contributing.

Set up dev environment:

git clone
yarn install
yarn start

Before committing your changes, format your code:

yarn run format