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FUEL CMS is a CodeIgniter based content management system. To learn more about its features visit:


To install FUEL CMS, copy the contents of this folder to a web accessible folder and browse to the index.php file. Next, follow the directions on the screen.


If you have a current installation and are wanting to upgrade, there are a few things to be aware of. FUEL 1.4 uses CodeIgniter 3.x which includes a number of changes, the most prominent being the capitalization of controller and model names. Additionally it is more strict on reporting errors. FUEL 1.4 includes a script to help automate most (and maybe all) of the updates that may be required in your own fuel/application and installed advanced module code. It is recommended you run the following command using a different branch to test if you are running on Mac OSX or a Unix flavor operating system and using Git: php index.php fuel/installer/update


To access the documentation, you can visit it here.


To file a bug report, go to the issues page.


FUEL CMS is licensed under Apache 2. The full text of the license can be found in the fuel/licenses/fuel_license.txt file.

Developed by David McReynolds, of Daylight Studio