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Small 2W PA for the 13cm hamband. Perfekt as a preamp for Eshail2
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PA 13cm 2W

Small 2W CW PA for the 13cm hamband. Great as a preamp for Eshail2. Size: 25mm x 25mm
When this PA is used for SSB, a maximum output power of 1W (30dBm) is recommended to ensure linearity.
Maximum measured output power was 34dBm (2.5W), but 36 dBm should be possible as well.

3D rendering of the PCB

The layout is built and impedance matched for the OSHpark 4-Layer process. You can order the PCB directly from OSHpark:

Make sure to mount the PCB on a suitable heatsink, as the PA dissipates up to 5W. (M2.5 screws) Using thermal paste is recommended.

Measured S-Parameter:

Plot of the S-parameter

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