Smooth UI for Credit Card Entry on Android device, regex check for supported credit card types and luhn check. Inspired by Square credit card entry interface
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This library provides an elegant form for credit card entry that can be easily added to a activity or fragment. Regex is used to validate credit card types and a Luhn check is performed on the card numbers. This form was inspired by the credit entry UI on Square.

  • Smooth interface
  • Identifies credit card type
  • Hides number for privacy
  • Supports VISA, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX

Including in your project

This project uses JitPack to build and release.

Add JitPack to the end of your repositories

    repositories {


        maven { url "" }

Add the project to your dependencies

    dependencies {


        compile 'com.github.dbachelder:CreditCardEntry:1.4.7'

Using the library

Please see below for an example.



  • app:text_color - change the input field's text color (Color.BLACK by default).
  • app:hint_text_color - change the input field's hint text color (Color.LTGRAY by default).
  • app:cursor_color - change the input field's cursor color (Color.BLACK by default).
  • app:default_text_colors - If true, use text colors provided by the app's theme instead of the values provided by app:text_color,app:hint_text_color, and app:cursor_color. This overrides the values for those three text colors and causes the text inputs to use the colors provided by the application's theme.
  • app:include_helper - boolean to show/hide the helper text under the widget (true by default (i.e. helper is shown))
  • app:helper_text_color - change the text color of the hints that appear below the widget by default.
  • app:include_zip - boolean to show/hide the zip code in the form (true by default (i.e. zip is shown))
  • app:include_exp - boolean to show/hide the exp in the form (true by default (i.e. exp is shown))
  • app:include_security - boolean to show/hide the security code in the form (true by default (i.e. security is shown))
  • app:card_number_hint - string to put in as a placeholder (hint) in the credit card number field
  • app:input_background - the drawable to use as a background (defaults to white square with black 1px border)

In code:

    public class MainActivity extends Activity {
      private LinearLayout linearLayout;
      private CreditCardForm form;
      protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
    	linearLayout = (LinearLayout) findViewById(;
        form = new CreditCardForm(this);
    	buttonAuthorize = (Button) findViewById(;
    	buttonAuthorize.setOnClickListener(new OnClickListener() {
    		public void onClick(View arg0) {
    				CreditCard card = form.getCreditCard();
    				//Pass credit card to service
    				//Alert Credit card invalid


  • Diner's Club is not yet implemented, although the assets and regex seem to be in place

Version History


  • added InterSwitch Verve card image
  • added InterSwitch Verve Regex to Card Enum


  • made the CreditCardForm work in RTL layout
  • added getHelperText/setHelperText to CreditEntryFieldBase
  • added setting hint & helper texts to fields


  • Changed how the ZipCodeText is validating zip codes so it will work with other countries.
  • fix for isCreditCardValid() returning true when it is not


  • fix bug where isValidCard would be called many times
  • allow for using colors from theme


  • don't drop key strokes after backspace


  • focus change behavior can now keep up with very fast typing
  • several minor performance tweaks


  • fix typo in hint for exp date
  • fix for dates not being able to exceed 2034
  • fix for current month being invalid


  • fix occasional NPE


  • fix for order of operations when invalidating card and calling delegate methods


  • Be able to change input field's text, hint and cursor color


  • use an animator to do the scroll


  • don't call complete callback twice


  • add setters for other CC fields
  • correctly manage state such that more than one form on a screen can handle state change


  • Added clearForm()


  • removed a bunch of dead resources reducing aar size by ~17%


  • fixed corner radius of card back
  • allow setting an invalid number programmatically


  • Done IME causes validation check and keyboard dismiss
  • All fields except credit card # are now optional
  • Allow setting credit card number programmatically


  • Don't focus credit card by default. Add mechanism for clients to focus any field if desired.
  • CardType now contains image drawable ids for front and back of card
  • The credit card placeholder hint can now be specified via xml
  • Setting focus change listener now delegates to all internal fields.
  • Background of widget is now configurable


  • Flip the card image back to the front after CVV field loses focus
  • Expose CardType on CreditCard object
  • Transferred repo ownership


  • Don't scroll when scrolling is already happening


  • Made helper optional (app:include_helper="false")
  • Fixed a ton of lint warnings
  • Fixed vertical alignment of form fields
  • Fixed over excited animation scroll
  • Last 4 of card now tappable to enter edit mode
  • updated image assets


  • Always return CreditCard object when requested even when invalid


  • Made zip code optional (app:include_zip="false")
  • added callback when data entry is complete and card is valid
  • optionally specify helper text color in XML attrs


  • Updated Demo added screenshots


  • Initial Commit