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Sick and tired of managing freaking whitespace? This plugin picks the correct shiftwidth, tabstop, expandtab and softtabstop values for you! These settings make sure that your source code is indented correctly.

It is partly based on tpope's vim-sleuth and detectindent but works differently:

  • The following settings are preferred in an ambigious situation: shiftwidth=4 & tabstop=4 (1 tab = 4 spaces), expandtab (use spaces over real tabs).
  • Like vim-sleuth neighboring files of the same type are searched if the current file is new.
  • It allows you to define a custom command to be executed when detection completely fails (f.e. let g:default_indent_php="setl sw=2")

Apart from using an indentation guesser like this, another option to consider is to use project-specific-settings.