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This repository contains code to support the work described in Bamman, O'Connor and Smith, "Learning Latent Personas of Film Characters" (ACL 2013), including:

  1. Generating model input data from Stanford CoreNLP-processed XML files and movie/character metadata from Freebase.
  2. Training a persona model on this data.


This step is provided to document the process of text conversion so that the models below can be run on new, different texts. If you want run the models on existing movie data (found in java/input/, this step can be skipped. Follow the instructions in to run the preprocessing pipeline to generate input data.

cd preprocess

./ (Takes several hours)


This step trains a new persona model. The script has a number of variables that can be set, including the number of latent personas (A), the number of latent topics (K), etc. Here, INPUT is the path to movie data (either the default located in java/input/ or the output from step 1 above). OUTPUT_DIRECTORY is the location to write all output files to.

cd ../java

gunzip input/

./ $OUTPUT_DIRECTORY $INPUT (Takes several hours)

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