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ti cli hook for deploying testflight builds
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A titanium cli hook for deploying TestFlight builds.


$ npm install -g ti-testflight-hook

If you install with sudo and get the error Unable to write config file... use the following command:

$ sudo npm install -g ti-testflight-hook --unsafe-perm

Or if you are concerned about using the --unsafe-perm flag, use the following command after install to install the hook instead:

$ ti-testflight-hook


Then you can added the following, e.g. to your tiapp.xml file.

These must be included:

  <property name="testflight.api_token">ENTER_API_TOKEN_HERE</property>
  <property name="testflight.team_token">ENTER_TEAM_TOKEN_HERE</property>

These are optional:

  <property name="testflight.notify" type="bool">true</property>
  <property name="testflight.distribution_lists">Internal, QA</property>
  <property name="testflight.dsym" type="bool">true</property>

You will be prompted for the release notes.

Then use the --testflight flag with the titanium cli to upload to TestFlight. For example:

$ ti build -p ios -F ipad -T dist-adhoc --testflight

Licence MIT

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