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Crunchbase Search

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Instant Crunchbase Search

What it is: a tool to create your own private zero-click Crunchbase search

How to use it:

1) run ./

This will download the listings for four categories of crunchbase entities:

  • people
  • companies
  • products
  • financial-institutions

2) run ./fetch_crunchbase.rb

This will download every single instance from the listings. It can take many hours, better to do it overnight.

3) Get an IndexTank account, edit config.yaml and replace your private api key

4) run ./index.rb, it will index the data repository in a few minutes

5) replace /your_public_part in web/index.html by the public prefix of your api url (e.g. w3ju4)

If all the above steps worked, you should have a better search UI than Crunchbase's! Point your browser to web/index.html and enjoy.

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