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Please use @alogic0’s fork at

This repository hosts the code to the lucid-from-html tool, derived from @jaspervdj. It is quite rough, and doubtless many examples do not work. The test suite is in progress.

Please report any issues (including examples of html files that don’t parse correctly) at the issue tracker.


  1. Clone the repository.

  2. Change to the base directory of the repository.

  3. Run

    > stack install markdown-unlit
    > stack install


To convert filename.html to lucid text, run

> lucid-from-html filename.html

This will print to standard output. To redirect to haskell-file.hs, use

> lucid-from-html filename.html > haskell-file.hs

To see all options, run

> lucid-from-html --help