DbFit is a database testing framework that supports easy test-driven development of your database code.
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MMatten Merge pull request #632 from dbfit/enhance-postgres-null-test
Enhance null parameter tests for Postgres
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FitNesseRoot Enhance null parameter tests for Postgres Sep 10, 2018
bin version bump up utility script Jul 3, 2014
custom_libs Move description of custom_libs to CONTRIBUTING.md May 12, 2014
dbfit-java Support JDBC drivers that do not return a DB-specific type name for c… Sep 4, 2018
files Move config settings away from shell script Feb 5, 2014
gradle/wrapper Bump up gradle to 4.3.1 Nov 12, 2017
releasing fetch_last_successful_artefact: fix url extraction Aug 15, 2015
templates Configure build to be able to publish Jars to Sonatype (Maven) Centra… Jul 30, 2015
test_vm Migrate away from deprecated database cookbook for PostgreSQL Aug 4, 2018
website Allow specifying parse delegete in SetParameter fixture Mar 19, 2017
.gitattributes Add .gitattributes to line endings for certain files Jun 6, 2013
.gitignore Add zips dir to .gitignore Jun 14, 2017
.travis.yml Travis CI build: move bundle to *script* step Jul 30, 2017
CONTRIBUTING.md Update project contributing documentation May 25, 2017
DB2.md Separate Unit and Integration Tests build tasks May 10, 2015
INFORMIX.md Document new IBM Informix adapter and dependencies Dec 31, 2015
LICENSE added license Jan 14, 2013
NETEZZA.md Update docs for Netezza and Teradata test DB setUp and tearDown Aug 19, 2017
ORACLE.md Move Oracle test schemas setup scripts to test_vm Jan 28, 2017
README.md update README with new github repo Jan 1, 2014
TERADATA.md Fix Teradata doc typo (referencing Netezza) Aug 20, 2017
build.gradle Bump up version to 4.0.0-SNAPSHOT Nov 12, 2017
gradle.properties.publishing-sample Configure build to be able to publish Jars to Sonatype (Maven) Centra… Jul 30, 2015
gradlew Bump up gradle to 4.0 Jun 14, 2017
gradlew.bat Bump up Gradle to 3.0 Aug 27, 2016
settings.gradle Add support for IBM Informix Dec 31, 2015