Processes incoming email from NetFlix and creates an RSS feed out of them.
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netflix-dvd-feed is a script that scans email from NetFlix and creates an RSS feed for DVDs. It should be run as a cronjob. It's a replacement for their AtHomeRSS feed, which was discontinued in September 2012.

There's a description of the reasons for the framework at my blog.

Getting Started

  1. Forward all your email from Netflix (or to a new mailbox, say,
  2. Rename netflix-dvd-feed.cfg.sample to netflix-dvd-feed.cfg
  3. Customize the variables in netflix-dvd-feed.cfg (More on this below.)
  4. Set up a cronjob that runs netflix-dvd-feed every day.
  5. Bob's your uncle.

What It Does

In addition to scanning and parsing email from NetFlix and making a feed out of it, it logs its progress to a logfile, and if it runs into trouble (say, because NetFlix changes the format of their email), it'll email you.

The logfile it writes looks something like this:

2012-10-11, 11:14   0s OK
2012-10-10, 11:14   1s OK (Wrote 1 new item.)
2012-10-09, 11:14   0s OK
2012-10-08, 11:14   1s OK (Wrote 1 new item.)

The RSS feed it writes validates at the feed validation service.

Customizing netflix-dvd-feed.cfg

netflix-dvd-feed.cfg looks like this:

domain =
name = John Doe
url_base = netflixdvds.%(domain)s
logfile = logfile.txt
rss_base = AtHomeRSS
from_addr =
to =
user = smtp_username
password = mooltipass
mailbox =
user =
password = mooltipass

The Main Section

This section refers to stuff like the name and location of the new RSS file.

domain: This is the domain that the script resides at and will write the RSS feed to.
name: The name of the person to whom the NetFlix feed belongs.
url_base: The base of the URL that the RSS feed is at.
logfile: The name of the logfile.
rss_base: The base filename of the RSS file. '.xml' will be appended to the end.

Given the example above, the complete URL for the feed would be

The SMTP Section

This section is for when the script needs to email you that it ran into a problem

from_addr: The address from which email will be sent.
to: The address to which email should be sent if there's a problem.
user: The SMTP username used to access email.
password: The SMTP password needed to send email.

The IMAP Section

This section refers to the mailbox to which you're forwarding your email from NetFlix.

mailbox: The internet address of the email mailbox.
user: The user for the email address to which you've forwarded the NetFlix email.
password: The IMAP password.


Run the command with the --debug flag for it to print output directly to stdout.


This software uses the MIT License.