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Status site

Status site is the application for monitoring the health of the servers and web services.

build status system health


  • Agent reporting system stats
    • CPU load
    • RAM usage*
    • SWAP usage*
    • Disk space usage*
    • Number (and names) of processes*
  • Collecting logs
    • Capturing message, source, category and auxillary data
    • Rich filtering tools
    • Guard against log DoS
  • Web service monitor
    • Periodically access websites or ports
    • Record responses
  • Notifications
    • Slack, email, telegram*, mattermost* and other providers*
    • Different severities - with different frequencies
  • Discrepancies
    • Detect discrepancies in data points (gaps, high values, ping failures)
    • Detect the start and end of discrepancy - not reported twice
  • Badges
    • System health
    • Individual metrics
  • Debian package tool to control the app
  • Rich API
  • Served as a docker composition - easy to install, configure and update
  • Different databases for old and recent data
  • Extensive documentation

* to be implemented

How to deploy

Detailed instruction can be found here.

How to develop

Detailed instruction can be found here.

How to configure

Detailed instruction can be found here.

How to use badges

Detailed instruction can be found here.

A little story

This project has started as a side project for the RedwoodEDA - a helper tool to monitor makerchip servers. It turned out to be much more sophisticated piece of software than was initially designed. It was decided to open source the project to give community a chance to develop it further.


Web app that monitors the health and status of your services




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