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Simplifies working with NSAttributedString by allowing you to use HTML to describe formatting behaviors.
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Simplifies working with attributed strings by allowing you to use HTML to describe formatting behaviors.

NSAttributedString+DDHTML isn't intended to support full HTML rendering. Instead it provides a quick, effient and light-weight implementation for leveraging attributed strings when utilizing native UIKit interface elements.


It is open source and covered by a standard BSD license. That means you have to mention Derek Bowen @ Deloite Digital as the original author of this code.


NSAttributedString+DDHTML requires a minimum iOS deployment target of iOS 7.0 because of:

  • NSTextAttachment


Using CocoaPods

One of the easiest ways to integrate NSAttributedString+DDHTML in your project is to use CocoaPods:

  1. Add the following line to your Podfile:

    pod "NSAttributedString-DDHTML"
  2. In your project directory, run pod update

  3. You should now be able to add #import <NSAttributedString-DDHTML/NSAttributedString+DDHTML.h> to any of your target's source files to use the library!


  1. Add NSAttributedString+DDHTML.m/h to your project.
  2. Add libxml2.dylib to the "Link Binary With Libraries" section of your target's build phase.
  3. Add ${SDKROOT}/usr/include/libxml2 to your project's Header Search Paths under Build Settings.
  4. Start using it!


#import "NSAttributedString+DDHTML.h"


NSAttributedString *attributedString = [NSAttributedString attributedStringFromHTML:@"My <b>formatted</b> string."];


Supported Tags

b, strong - Bold (iOS, watchOS, tvOS)

i - Italics (iOS, watchOS, tvOS)

u - Underline (iOS, watchOS, tvOS)

strike - Strikethrough (iOS, watchOS, tvOS)

stroke - Stroke (iOS, watchOS, tvOS)

  • color: Color of stroke, e.g. stroke="#ff0000"
  • width: Width of stroke, e.g. stroke="2.0"
  • nofill: If present text color will be transparent

shadow - Shadow (iOS, tvOS)

  • offset: Amount to offset shadow from center of text, e.g. offset="{1.0, 1.0}"
  • blurRadius: Radius/thickness of the shadow
  • color: Color of the shadow

font - Font (iOS, watchOS, tvOS)

  • face: Name of font to use, e.g. face="Avenir-Heavy"
  • size: Size of the text, e.g. size="12.0"
  • color: Color of the text, e.g. color="#fafafa"
  • backgroundColor: Color of the text background, e.g. backgroundColor="#333333"

br - Line Break (iOS, watchOS, tvOS)

p - Paragraph (iOS, watchOS, tvOS)

  • align: Alignment of text, e.g. align="center"
    • Available values: left, center, right, justify
  • lineBreakMode: How to handle text which doesn't fit horizontally in the view
    • Available values: WordWrapping, CharWrapping, Clipping, TruncatingHead, TruncatingTail, TruncatingMiddle
  • firstLineHeadIndent
  • headIndent
  • hyphenationFactor
  • lineHeightMultiple
  • lineSpacing
  • maximumLineHeight
  • minimumLineHeight
  • paragraphSpacing
  • paragraphSpacingBefore
  • tailIndent

img - Image (iOS, tvOS)

  • src : key in imagerMapper parameter
  • width : px
  • height : px
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