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SOLID - Principles that Apply

This page is designated to collect some good resources (IMHO) in order to give an overview over good priciples that should be applied to software design.

  • Intro to SOLID
    • S: Single Responsibility Principle.
    • O: Open/Close Principle.
    • L: Liskov Substitution Principle.
      • link
      • Stack Overflow
      • Circle-Ellipse Problem
      • Moral of the story: model your classes based on behaviours not on properties; model your data based on properties and not on behaviours. If it behaves like a duck, it's certainly a bird.
      • This strongly suggests that inheritance should never be used when the sub-class restricts the freedom implicit in the base class, but should only be used when the sub-class adds extra detail to the concept represented by the base class as in 'Monkey' is-an 'Animal'.
    • I: Interface Segregation Principle
    • D: Dependency Inversion Principle

Running the Code

All the submodules are managed in the same way, which means you can run the code using the same syntax. For example, if you want to see the result of the sample code for Open/Close principle, just run:

python -m python_code.bad.open_close   # See the result of bad implementation
python -m python_code.good.open_close  # See the result of good implementation

Or, you can run python -m python_code --list or python -m python_code -l to see all the available submodules.

However, it is recommanded to see the source code and get an understanding of what the issue is and possible way to solve it.

Enjoy coding!

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