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Tourbus 2.0 Todo
- Change naming. Several people have asked me to change test_* to
Ahh, I remember now why I never did this. The *class* is called
Tour. Calling a test *method* tour_ as well led me quickly to
confusion. To rename test_ to tour_, I'd really want to rename the
Tour class to something like Tourist.
Hmm, I like this. And also in keeping, should probably consider
renaming Runner to something like TourGuide--something that leads
Tourists on many Tours.
- Look at RSpec style declarations? describe, before(:each) do etc?
Also would like rspec matchers, e.g. response.should be_success
- Continuous mode? Launch tourbus and keep running until I say stop.
- GUI? Ugh. Remote connection is blargh, but it WOULD be nice to be
able to see running state and have controls to ramp the load up and
down by changing concurrency and some sort of sleep/wait time
between runs and tours.
- before(:each): Runs before each tour.
- before(:tours): Runs before all tours in this Tourist
- before(:everything): Runs once before ANY tours run ever.
after(:everything) runs after ALL tours have completed.
- tour_proxy - capture sessions, including AMF
- AMF support
- Explore having tour_proxy emit tour files outright?
- Look at JMeter's samplers and reporters. Can probably 80/20 that.
- Proper specs!
- Rails plugin, add a generators and rake tour tasks. E.g. rake
ddos:tour etc.
- Make sure this plays well with Rails 3.0 and Ruby 1.9
- Make sure this plays well with latest JRuby
- Add a long-burning mode, perhaps time-based. Helps find things like
databases that slowly begin swapping and then finally fall over.
Could do this with e.g. -n 10000 but a better idea might be to say
"run for the next 20 minutes", or "run until I hit Ctrl-C".
Because really, who wants to sit around babysitting their DDoS tool?