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Reloaded provides browser and editor independent live reloads.

##Installation After cloning this repository cd to its root and:

$ ./

This will download and install the required modules locally. This ensures reloaded will work both inside and outside virtualenvs.


Setting Reloaded up is very simple. Add the reloaded script to the page you are working on and use the reloaded data tag to specify which files Reloaded should monitor. When one of those files is modified Reloaded will reload the file (when it is a css file) or reload the page.

###Add the reloaded script to the page

The reloaded server communicates with your browser using websockets. Add the following script to the page to enable them:

 <script src="http://localhost:9000/reloaded/reloaded.js" id="reloaded-script">

###Use the special data tag to specify which files reloaded should monitor

After reloaded.js has been loaded it will go through the page's DOM and look for elements with this data tag:


For reloaded's file monitor to work you need to specify the full, absolute path to the file here.

<!-- Example 1: -->
<link href="/css/style.css" rel="stylesheet" data-reloaded-path="/path/to/file" />

<!-- Example 2: The html page itself: -->
<html data-reloaded-path="/abs/path/to/example.html">

###Running the reloaded server

$ ./ 


$ ./ --help

for more configuration options