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-With DBIx::Class on git now, this is the process for contributing.
-1) Clone the DBIx::Class master branch
- > git clone
-2) Do your work on your machine. This is git - everything is local!
-3) When you think you're ready, push it back out to the origin as a
- remote branch. See rebasing for what you should do before pushing.
- > git push origin my-branch
-4) Notify the other contributors that you're ready to have your branch
- reviewed.
-5) Another contributor will merge it back into master. See rebasing for
- what you should do before merging.
-Rebasing: Please rebase before merging and pushing; we'd rather not have
-commit messages that say, "Oops" and "typo", in master, and furthermore
-fast-forward merges lead to a cleaner history.
-Yes, this does mean that DBIx::Class is moving to a formal code review process.
-Yes, this does mean that you will never merge your own code to master.

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