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The ability of modern information systems to exchange, transform and integrate data is nowadays considered a crucial requirement. A fundamental requirement for such data integration applications is that of manipulating mappings among data sources. Mappings, also called schema mappings, are executable transformations – say, SQL queries for relational data or XQuery scripts for XML – that specify how an instance of the source repository should be translated into an instance of the target repository.

++Spicy is a mapping system developed at the Università della Basilicata - Department of Mathematics and Computer Science for the generation and manipulation of schema mappings.

It is the first mapping system that brings together:

  • sophisticated matchers for the inference of correspondences between different schemas [SEBD06, SIGMOD08, EDBT08];
  • a set of expressive mapping generation primitives, which includes selection conditions, costants, etc;
  • a mapping generation algorithm that generates both canonical and core solutions; [SIGMOD09, VLDB09]
  • and a mapping verification module for scenarios where target instances are already available. [EDBT08, SIGMOD08]

++Spicy contributes towards the goal of integrating scalable solutions based on schema mapping concepts into practical data integration tasks.

For a new and improved chase engine for data cleaning and schema mappings altogether please check the LLunatic project

How to import project in NetBeans

  1. In NetBeans, File -> Open projects... and select the project folder
  2. Execute ant target task gfp, either using command-line ant gfp, or using NetBeans (in the projects windows, right click on build.xml -> Run Target -> Other Targets -> gfp)

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  • Gianni Mecca
  • Paolo Papotti
  • Salvatore Raunich
  • Donatello Santoro
  • Marcello Buoncristiano
  • Gianvito Summa
  • Bruno Marnette