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REDIPS.table 1.2.0

What's REDIPS.table?

REDIPS.table is a JavaScript library which enables dynamic merging and splitting table cells. It is possible to activate onMouseDown event listeners on TD element to interactively mark cells with mouse button.


  • merge / split table cells
  • add / remove table row
  • add / remove table column
  • enable / disable marking not empty table cells

Public methods

  • REDIPS.table.onMouseDown() - activate onMouseDown event listener on table cells
  • REDIPS.table.mark() - select / deselect table cell
  • REDIPS.table.merge() - merge horizontally / vertically marked table cells in a sequence
  • REDIPS.table.split() - split horizontally / vertically marked table cells (only cells with colspan / rowspan greater than 1)
  • REDIPS.table.row() - add / remove table row
  • REDIPS.table.column() - add / remove table column
  • REDIPS.table.cellIndex() - display cell index (useful for demo / debugging)
  • REDIPS.table.cellIgnore() - remove onMouseDown even listener from table cell in case of active REDIPS.table.onMouseDown mode


Reference documentation with list of public properties and methods contained in REDIPS.table library.


Live demo shows REDIPS.table library in action: