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Convert between binvox binary voxel and PCD file formats, for PCL (PointCloud Library).
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Command-line tools to convert between .binvox and .pcd file formats.

binvox is a binary format for a 3D voxel grid, developed by Patrick Min.
pcd is Point Cloud Data from PCL (PointCloud Library).

David Butterworth, 2016.



This was tested on Ubuntu 14.04 with PCL 1.8

Install this package in a catkin workspace.
Set your path:

$ export PATH=$PATH:~/path/to/your/catkin/workspace/devel/lib/pcl_binvox/  
$ roscd pcl_binvox

Convert from .binvox to .pcd
The output file name is specified first. Then you can list multiple binvox files as input.

$ binvox2pcd -o output.pcd data/chair.binvox

Convert from .pcd to .binvox
Specify the voxel grid resolution, between 32 and 1024.

$ pcd2binvox -d 32 data/teapot.pcd output.binvox



A room was scanned to create a PointCloud and then voxelized:

Original binvox file:

Converted to PointCloud:

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