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rrregex = Realtime Ruby Regex


One of the (many) things I love about working with ruby is the natural and elegant way that regular expressions are integrated into the language. I find myself using them much more often in my ruby code than in other languages.

One of my favorite tools for efficiently working with regexes is Rubular. It's fast, simple, and allows me to write/test/debug my regexes quickly, so I can get on with other things.

The only problem? goes down. A lot. Since I've come to rely on Rubular for my regular 'workflow', I decided to write my own. Now when Rubular craps out, I've got a backup.

I've shamelessly stolen Rubular's idea, but made my implementation FOSS.


rrregex is written in ruby (natch) using a simple Sinatra app. There's a bit of jQuery and HTML for the dead-simple UI, along with some CSS that uses the wonderful Twitter Bootstrap.


Just a couple of ruby gems:

rrregex is written with, and runs on ruby 1.9.3. YMMV with other versions.


# get the code
$ git clone git://
$ cd rrregex

# Install required gems
$ gem install sinatra json

# run it
$ ruby app.rb

Point your browser to http://localhost:4567

Everything should be pretty self-explanatory after that. Type some regexes, try some test strings. Enjoy. Get on with your day.