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Using Unofficial Updater 2

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Running Unofficial Updater 2

Unofficial Updater 2 can only be run against Adobe ColdFusion 8.0.1 or 9.0.1. Once you download Unofficial-Updater2.jar from on most systems you can just double click the file and it will start. If you get a tools.jar missing error, you need to run it via the command line. The installer will default to the appropriate install type either GUI or text based.


See the readme file at also for more details


If you need to run from command line:

java -jar Unofficial-Updater2.jar

Screenshot 0: Starting


If you want to force text based:

java -jar Unofficial-Updater2.jar text

GUI Install Screens

Screenshot 1: Intro

Screenshot 2: Install Type

If this is the first time using Unofficial Updater 2 you will get the following screen: Screenshot 2-1: First Run

All the directory inputs are defaults and should be modified for your installation either by using the text input or the "Select Folder" button. Screenshot 3: Install Location

Screenshot 3-1: Backup

Screenshot 4: Confirm Update

Screenshot 5: Running

Assuming everything went ok you will get the Finished dialog

Screenshot 6: Complete

At any point if Unofficial Updater 2 fails you will get the following dialog

Screenshot 7: Failure

Please copy all the text from the Output and Errors tab and file an issue on github