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Linked Data Competency Index

This is the back-end repository used to generate a documentation website for the Linked Data Competency Index. The website also supports the maintenance of the index by crowdsourcing.

Edit the master JSON file

Whenever a batch of changes is approved according to processes described on the LDCI website, someone with write access to this repo needs to edit the master JSON file. This is done as follows:

  • Go to http://rdf.tools => ASN => Configure => Load ASN File => Choose existing file => click on D2695955.json.
    • The editor displays green if the JSON file has parsed correctly.
    • Describe tab: metadata about the index.
    • Create tab: make edits here:
      • Clicking on a node (on the right) will populate the corresponding values (on the left).
      • The order of items can be changed by moving things around, on the right, using the mouse.
      • A competency can be added by clicking on a topic and selecting Add @@@.
      • Save work with Submit.
    • When the edits are done, press Submit => Download => Download RDF => Save
      • RDF comes back out with the same filename.
      • Use this file to replace the master JSON file.
      • Commit and push.

Submit the master JSON file to ASN and WordPress

@@@ pending clarification with Joseph (for ASN) and the WordPress team

Generate a Markdown file from the master JSON file

Build the website using MkDocs

  • Install mkdocs on your machine (see installation instructions.
  • Run the command mkdocs gh-deploy (or use deploy.sh).
    • This command creates (or refreshes) the website at https://dcmi.github.io/ldci/.
    • The command must be run from the root directory of this repo.
    • Behind the scenes, mkdocs gh-deploy builds HTML docs from the Markdown sources, uses the ghp-import tool to commit them to the gh-pages branch, and pushes the gh-pages branch to GitHub.