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New hardware abstraction layer for RepRapFirmware based on ASF 3.31
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Hardware abstraction layer for RepRapFirmware based on Atmel ASF 3.31

This repository is a fork of dc42's CoreNG but with additions to build using the scons command line tool rather than the Eclipse IDE. See the file for instructions on how to build this fork for RADDS v1.5 electronics.

This is a new hardware abstraction layer for RepRapFirmware based on the Atmel Software Framework (ASF) 3.31 with some additional modules from the Arduino Due core. CoreNG replaces the CoreDuet project in releases 1.11 and later of the dc42 fork of the RepRapFirmware.

The main advantages over the previous CoreDuet project are support for more recent Atmel SAM processors (including the one used in the next-generation Duet), support for PWM outputs via timer/counter channels, and the use of the on-chip hardware ADC scheduler. Also the USB interface is interrupt and DMA driven instead of polled.

To build it, import the project into Eclipse Mars.2, select the desired configuration (SAM3X8E or SAM4E8E), and press Build. Or, if you dislike IDEs, then use the scons command line tool as per the directions found in the file.

License: GPLv3, see

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