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11/14/2016: Mesosphere is working on open sourcing parts of our Enterprise DC/OS IAM service, including support for OpenID Connect. This will be replacing dcos-oauth in its entirety. Looking forward to working with everyone on that as soon as it has been released.



  • Go 1.6

Once the environment is set for Go, run make to compile and make install to install.


Running make test will build the docker image authdcos and run tests in the test directory. The API integration tests will run two containers:

  • authdcos-zk
  • authdcos-api

then send a request with the available HTTP methods for the API routes. Please refer to /api/routes.go for more details.

HTTP API specification

The file docs/apispec-swagger.json specifies the behavior bouncer's HTTP API, using Swagger 2.0 notation.

For ease of viewing, the contents of apispec-swagger.json can be pasted into the Swagger editor — resulting in a useful and beautiful HTML live-rendering of the API specification. Note that the HTML output does not necessarily contain all detail specified in the JSON file.


Apache License 2.0