Apache Mesos framework for scheduled jobs
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Metronome is an Apache Mesos framework for scheduled jobs.


Metronome documentation is available on the DC/OS documentation site.

Getting Started

Get familiar with Metronome with this step-by-step Getting Started guide.

API Reference

Consult the full Metronome REST API reference.


We heartily welcome external contributions to Metronome's codebase and documentation. Please see our Contributor Guidelines.

Building from Source

To build Metronome from source, check out this repo and use sbt to build a universal package:

    git clone https://github.com/dcos/metronome.git
    cd metronome
    sbt universal:packageBin

Running in Development Mode

Mesos local mode allows you to run Metronome without launching a full Mesos cluster. It is meant for experimentation and not recommended for production use. Note that you still need to run ZooKeeper for storing state. The following command launches Metronome on Mesos in local mode.

./bin/metronome -Dmetronome.mesos.master.url=local


Have you found an issue? Feel free to report it using our Issues page. In order to speed up response times, please provide as much information on how to reproduce the problem as possible.