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Puppet module to install ganeti (VM management planned for the future)
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ganeti puppet module

Installs ganeti and supporting software.

This module was written for Debian.


  • ganeti
  • ganeti::hooks
  • ganeti::drbd
  • ganeti::xen
  • ganeti::xenbridge


This is one of the two classes that are actually supposed to be included directly. Besides ganeti2, it will ensure a few configurations are correct, and it will install both xen and drbd. It will also reboot the server once, to make sure drbd is built to the right kernel.

It will configure the interface in BRIDGE mode.

This class replaces a rather long wiki entry here on how to install ganeti correctly, with quite a few items in the checklist.


This will push a set of hooks we use here by default. It will make use of extdata configured in the way specified by my "users" module, so that administrators are automatically created and their passwords set. Most of the hooks are provided as static files, but a couple are defined through templates. These templates make use of a few variables that must be set:

* `$dnssearch`: array of dns search entry on new VMs
* `$nameservers`: array of ip for name servers on new VMs
* `$zabbixserver`: ip address of the zabbix server

Beyond these, extdata must be configured with administrator account entries as per my users module.


Installs drbd, which requires a series of chained steps. This is included by the ganeti class.


Installs the xen kernel and reboots if necessary. It creates some symlinks, and make some adjustments to grub entries. It is not compatible with squeeze's default grub.

This is included by the ganeti class.


Configure the interface to bridge mode. This is included by the ganeti class.

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