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Grapesjs integration for Mautic
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mautic-plugin-grapesbuilder in development

Grapesjs integration for Mautic



Mautic Plugin

  1. Open the Grapebuilder via the list actions
  2. Modify & Save
  3. BE AWARE: After modification via grapesjs the mode will be changed to "code mode"
  4. Be happy =)

Feature Roadmap

  1. Implement Grapesjs for Landing Pages
  2. Implement Grapesjs for Emails
  3. Save content via original forms
  4. MJML Integration
  5. Themes should be still editable in the original Landingpage without programmatically changing to "code mode"

Support Grapesjs

Big thanks to the team of ... please consider to support the grapesjs project.. with a donation of your choice or become a backer/sponsor via Open Collective

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