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Docker SoapUI

Docker container that houses a configurable version of SoapUI and runs test suites / cases

How to Use

Run the container

$ docker run -d -p 3000:3000 ddavison/soapui

Run tests

With this container running, you can now fire off SoapUI tests by sending the SoapUI project file forwards the 3000 port to the container.

$ curl --form "project=@/path/to/soapui-project.xml" \

Optionally, you can specify the test suite, send a global properties configuration file and send testrunner options.

$ curl --form "project=@/path/to/soapui-project.xml" \
       --form "suite=TestSuite" \
       --form "" \
       --form "option=-r" \


I use Vagrant to mimic the environment of Docker.

$ vagrant up
$ vagrant ssh
# sudo -i
# cd /vagrant
# ./

Continuous Integration / Response Codes

After the tests are ran, you will receive the stdout and stderr from the SoapUI test runner, as well as an HTTP status code to determine the result of the test run.

Response Codes

Code Message Description
200 OK All SoapUI Tests ran successfully and passed
550 Test Failure(s) You have failures in the SoapUI Test suite / cases. You can check the content of the request to determine what failed
552 No SoapUI Project You did not specify the project POST parameter with the proper SoapUI XML data. Remember: This needs to be the actual file itself sent as multipart/form-data. E.g: curl -F "data=@the-soapui-project.xml"
500 Internal Server Error An exception occured while running the SoapUI Tests


Run SoapUI Tests through a Docker container






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