The project that will get you started with using Selenium!
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Getting Started

To get right up and started, you can download the project (zip) or you can checkout the project from github. If you don't know how, this should help.


  • Maven (if using eclipse, install Maven Integration for Eclipse)
  • jUnit 4
  • Java
  • WebDriver (Chrome, Firefox, IE, etc)


Currently, not all drivers are not packaged with this project, but they may be in the future!

  • Chromedriver (now is packaged with the project)
  • Firefox driver IS actually packaged with the Selenium jar.
  • IEDriver

Launch your IDE, and under src/tests/java you'll find a file under the functional package. This is a very short a simple test. If you do not have Chromedriver installed, just switch the browser to FIREFOX and right click the file and Run As -> jUnit Test

This project is a sample project that uses the Conductor Framework. You can download this project to see quickly how you can layout your tests, and libraries.