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DD Vagrant Boxes

This repository contains few helper scripts that will help you to build and store your Vagrant boxes.

How To Build Vagrant Boxes

Create and setup a new virtual machine

First, you need to create a new VM in Virtualbox, for this example we call it fedora24.

Then, add a port forwarding rule to the network adapter. Right click on the virtual machine name, then select Settings -> Network -> Adapter 1 -> Advanced -> Port Forwarding -> Plus icon and use the following settings:

  • Name: ssh
  • Protocol: TCP
  • Host IP:
  • Host Port: 2222
  • Guest IP: leave this field blank
  • Guest Port: 22

You can now start the operating system installation, also you need to make a user called vagrant as administrator.

When OS installation is completed, add vagrant user to sudoers to enable password-less sudo and disable requiretty. For that, you need to login to the virtual machine, then add the following lines to /etc/sudoers file.

Defaults:vagrant !requiretty

Now, install Virtualbox Guest Additions and its dependencies, e.g. the kernel-devel package in Fedora.

You also need to enable and start sshd service.

$ sudo systemctl enable sshd
$ sudo systemctl start sshd

Logout from the virtual machine and generate a new ssh key for vagrant user on your local computer:

$ cd $HOME/.ssh
$ ssh-keygen -t rsa -C vagrant@localhost -f vagrant.id_rsa

Then, run scripts/ to add the vagrant ssh public key to your VM. You can test the ssh key with:

$ ssh -i vagrant.id_rsa -p 2222 vagrant@

Finally, power off the virtual machine as it is ready for creating Vagrant boxes.

Create new Vagrant box

Generate a new Vagrantfile file:

$ scripts/ fedora24 1.0

Build a new vagrant box:

$ scripts/ fedora24 1.0

Generate a new json file:

$ scripts/ fedora24 1.0 "Fedora 24 base image."

Now, you can add the new box to your Vagrant:

$ scripts/ fedora24 1.0

Ok, it's time to test the new box:

$ cd tests
$ vagrant init fedora24
$ vagrant up


This project is licensed under a MIT license. Please read the LICENSE file.


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