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Properties of mooring chain, wire and rope
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Mooring Lines Properties

Scripts calculate properties of mooring chains, wires and ropes, given nominal diameter of link for chain or nominal diameter of the rope.

"" - calculates properties of mooring chain, Studless and Studlink.

"" - calculates properties of:

  • Nylon rope

  • Polyester rope

  • Polypropylene rope

  • Wire rope with fibre core

  • Wire rope with wire core

Results are written in "txt" - file in working directory.

In order to run scripts, one will need to add to "python-path" function file "", which may be downloaded here.

Note: Although full attention had been given to accuracy of the scripts, and they never failed on me, use results as preliminary and wherever it is possible use original maker's data.

For further info, refer to:

-Ramnas website

-Vicinay Cadenas website

-Vryhof Anchors website

-Bridon website

-DNV-OS-E301 Ch.2 Sec.2, Page 27, Section 106 for calculating effective elastic modulus


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