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Warning: Barely in maintenance mode.....

This application is incrediablely old in Software years and it is written in a language that I no longer use (Okay, I do at work and dread it when I have to). I have plans to rebuild it using my currently language and specialties. You should starting hearing about the alpha and beta of the new site in 2021....If you are using the SaaS version (, I can help with any issues you encounter, however if you are self hosting, I'm afaird you are on your own. I am not longer supporting Self Hosted Solutions of this Repository. I do promise however that the next version of this application will have orders of magnatude better Self Hosted Support as I have learned A LOT since this application was developed.

  • ddouglas


Welcome to ESIKnife. ESI Knife is a tool used by corporation recruiters and CEO in the game EVE Online to audit character information. To learn more about this application, check out our about page located at the link above.