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OpenWhisk Action with ECMAScript6

This is a sample OpenWhisk project showing how to write actions using ES6 standard.

It comes with:


npm install

This command installs the node modules and generates the source code for the action at openwhisk-es6-action-0.0.1.js.

The ES6 code for the action is found in src/action/hello-world.js and the other files are bundled with the code of the action. By default only the modules defined in the src folder are concatenated.

The bundle eventually exposes the main variable/function in order for OpenWhisk to invoke the action correctly:

var main = require('main-action');

Running the tests locally

 npm test

Should print

Say hello
  with name parameter
    ✓ should say Hello, ECAMEscript6

1 passing (8ms)

Writing coverage object [/Projects/openwhisk/openwhisk-es6-action/coverage/coverage.json]
Writing coverage reports at [/Projects/openwhisk/openwhisk-es6-action/coverage]

=============================== Coverage summary ===============================
Statements   : 100% ( 37/37 ), 2 ignored
Branches     : 93.75% ( 15/16 ), 5 ignored
Functions    : 100% ( 10/10 )
Lines        : 100% ( 10/10 )

Running the action in OpenWhisk

First create the action:

> wsk -i action create hello-es6 ./openwhisk-es6-action-0.0.1.js

ok: created action hello-es6

Then invoke the action:

> wsk -i action invoke hello-es6 --blocking --result --param name ECMAScript6

      "payload": "Hello, ECMAScript6!"

To delete the action:

> wsk -i action delete hello-es6
ok: deleted action hello-es6


Sample OpenWhisk Action with ECMAScript 6, Unit Tests, and Code Coverage



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