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This is for graphing logs from chrony. See the branch "ntpd" for ntpd/ntpsec graphs

Packages needed:

gnuplot (needs Cairo/Pango support for best graphs)

To setup:

cp bin/copy-to-website.example bin/copy-to-website
# edit bin/copy-to-website to copy the files to your website
cp titles.example titles
# edit titles to have the IPs and hostnames of your remote clocks
cp -a runX run1
# edit run1/index.html.tmpl to show the graphs for the IPs of the remote clocks
# edit bin/run if your logdir is different: LOGDIR=/var/log/chrony

To run (under screen/tmux):

cd run1 ; ../bin/loop
# edit run1/notes to keep notes

Optional scripts:

run1/startime - echo the unix timestamp to start at
run1/custom-plot - generate some custom plots
bin/copy-logfiles - download the logfiles from elsewhere, see copy-logfiles.example