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A package that enables easy integration of Headless Api functionality into your project.
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Nuget (with prereleases)

Umbraco Content Api

The Umbraco Content Api is a package that enables easy integration of Headless Api functionality into your project. The package includes converters for all default Umbraco porperty editors and allows developers to add to and replace them at will.

Out of the box easy to use, full DI support and fast.

Basic Usage:

  1. Download the package from NuGet
  2. Install the package
  3. Create an UmbracoApiController
  4. Inject the content resolver
  5. Resolve the content
public class SampleApiController : UmbracoApiController
        private readonly Lazy<IContentResolver> _contentResolver;

        public ContentApiController(Lazy<IContentResolver> contentResolver)
            _contentResolver = contentResolver;

        public IHttpActionResult Get(Guid id)
            IPublishedContent content = Umbraco.Content(id);
            var model = _contentResolver.Value.ResolveContent(content);
            return Ok(model);

Creating and adding a converter

To create a converter for your custom editor you need to implement the IConverter interface.

// Converter:
public class SampleConverter : IConverter
        public string EditorAlias => "My.PropertyEditorAlias";

        public object Convert(object value)
            // If the value is already in a json supported format, just return it.
            // Otherwise convert it to a friendly format here.
            return value;
// Composer:
    public class ConverterComposer : IUserComposer
        public void Compose(Composition composition)

Replace an exsisting converter

To replace a converter just add the following to the composer:

    .Replace<ConverterToReplace, SampleConverter>();


The Umbraco Content Api works with Umbraco 8.1.3+

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