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Ark plugin that allows logging to stackdriver
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Ark Pino Stackdrive Logger Plugin

This Ark plugin utilizes and extends Ark's core logger plugin called core-logger-pino and adds support for sending logs to Google's Stackdriver which amongst other things also supports:

  • simple searching and browsing through logs
  • creating metrics from logs
  • creating alerts

By replacing core-pino-logger with this plugin you won't loose any of existing logging functionalities. This plugins simply extends the core-pino-pluggin with Stackdriver. Please note that if you have custom settings set for core-pino-logger in plugins.js, you'll have to move them to logger-pino-stackdriver which will pass them on to the core-pino-logger.

❤️ Support maintenance and development of plugins

If you find this or other plugins useful please consider

  • voting for deadlock delegate
  • donating to AWtgFYbvtLDYccJvC5MChk4dpiUy2Krt2U

to support development new plugins and tools for Ark's Ecosystem and maintenance of existing ones. Full list of contributions can be found on https://arkdelegatesio/delegate/deadlock/. 🖖


For production:

yarn global add @deadlock-delegate/logger-pino-stackdriver

For development:

cd ~/ark-core/plugins
git clone
lerna bootstrap


Open ~/.config/ark-core/{mainnet|devnet|testnet}/plugins.js and replace "@arkecosystem/core-logger-pino": {}, with '@deadlock/logger-pino-stackdriver": {},.

like so:

module.exports = {
  "@arkecosystem/core-event-emitter": {},
  "@deadlock-delegate/logger-pino-stackdriver": {
    levels: {
      console: process.env.CORE_LOG_LEVEL || 'debug',  // log level of console logger (this is default that's taken from core-logger-pino)
      file: process.env.CORE_LOG_LEVEL_FILE || 'trace'  // log level of file logger (this is default that's taken from core-logger-pino)
    fileRotator: {
      interval: '1d'  // how often should log file rotate (this is default that's taken from core-logger-pino)
    stackdriver: {
      projectId: 'your-project-name-on-google-cloud',  // name of the project in Google Cloud where you'll be sending the logs
      logName: 'name-of-your-log'  // name of the log in Google cloud (if it doesn't exist yet, it will be created automatically)


Open .env file that is located at ~/.config/ark-core/<network>/.env (should be replaced by either mainnet, devnet or testnet) and add the following environment variable:

GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS=<absolute path to your Google service account credentials>

for example:


If you don't know how to create a Google service account for your project check this out.


If you wish to send log data from multiple nodes to the same project's Stackdriver you can differentiate the logs by changing the logName settings on every node, eg:

node-1 should have logName set to node-1, node-2 should have logName set to node-2, etc.



MIT © roks0n

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