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Perspective icons designed specifically for OmniFocus 3 for Mac and iOS
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OmniFocus Perspective Icons

By Josh Hughes

Note: Using these icons requires the Professional version of OmniFocus 3 for Mac or iOS or OmniFocus 2 for Mac

I've developed a set of icons that is specifically designed to work well with The Omni Group's OmniFocus software. Feel free to use these icons for whatever you like (they are public domain!). I recommend using the website for this project to install the icons. It's easier than navigating the folder structure here.

The OmniFocus 3 icons are all in the v3 folder, while the OmniFocus 2 icons are in the v2 folder. The src folder contains the Sketch source file for all of the icons.

Download the Icons

Feedback and suggestions are welcome, and I'm happy to answer any questions. I can be reached at

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