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The code gallery is a collection of codes based on deal.II contributed by deal.II users. These codes typically solve problems more complicated than those in the deal.II tutorial. Their intention is to solve actual problems, rather than demonstrate particular aspects of deal.II. The code gallery is, however, cross linked from the set of tutorials.

Building the documentation

To build the doxygen documentation, simply check out the code gallery git repository into the main deal.II source directory (parallel to the examples, or doc directory), and then build the deal.II documentation as described in the readme. It will pick up the code gallery and create joint documentation for the tutorial and the code gallery.

Maintainance of contributed codes

The examples in the code-gallery of periodically adjusted so that they maintain compatibility with a "recent" version of the deal.II. This means that their implementation may be modified slightly in the process, breaking compatibility with older versions of deal.II. Older version of each contributed code may be attained by checking out the appropriate git commit of the code-gallery repository.


A collection of codes based on deal.II contributed by deal.II users







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