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Map your Work Themes to Radar Charts

Map your work missions against your chosen themes with a Radar chart


Deciding what to work on first can be a difficult judgement call. This repository attempts to help you make that decision by allowing each member of a team to estimate how a piece of work maps to your chosen principles or themes.

A Radar Chart to theme mapping screenshot

Each member of the team assigns a score to each theme, the higher the score (ranged from 0-10) the more the work fits the theme. Once you can then use the graphs created by this tool to view these ratings as a whole and see if there are any obvious disagreements to discuss.

Installing and running

This application is written in python and uses some HTML, JavaScript and CSS. It does not require Node.

# get the repo
git clone
cd themes-to-radar

# create the python virtual environment.
# this keeps all the modules you install isolated
python3 -m venv venv

source venv/bin/activate

pip install -r requirements.txt

Now we're installed all the required software run the application with the sample data

MISSIONS_DATA=sample-missions/cost-savings/ flask run

Open your web browser and visit

Adding your own data

While the sample data is a pretty example you'll soon want to add your own data and chart that. To build radar graphs for your own missions you should create a directory, named for the mission, inside missions and have each person taking part in the scoring add their own YAML file. In this example I'm going to add a mission called hands-off-scaling and we're going to judge it against our themes of cost_saving, resilience_improvement, learning_opportunity and enthusiasm.

# create the mission
mkdir missions/hands-off-scaling

Each person can then create their own rating file and add their values.

cat <<'EOF' > missions/hands-off-scaling/${team-member-name}.yaml
themes: # rated 1-10

Here is a completed example:

cat missions/hands-off-scaling/susan.yaml
submitter: Susan Sto Helit
themes: # 1-10
  cost_saving: 3
  resilience_improvement: 7
  learning_opportunity: 3
  enthusiasm: 5


Dean Wilson


  • Released under the GPLv2


Map your work missions against your chosen themes with a Radar chart







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