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Required Info {} Optional () Loggable in Database* Silent -s Anonymous -a


Command Description Permission
/ban {player} (-s/-a) {reason} bans a player* ultraban.ban
/tempban {player} (-s/-a) {amt} {sec/min/hour/day} {Reason} temporarily bans a player* ultraban.tempban
/ipban {player/IPv4} (-s/-a) {reason} ip bans a player* ultraban.ipban
/tempipban {player} (-s/-a) {amt} {sec/min/hour/day} {Reason} temporarily ipbans a player* ultraban.tempipban
/permaban {player} (-s/-a) {reason} un-unbannable ban* ultraban.permaban
/unban {player} unbans a player* ultraban.unban
/kick {player / * } (-s/-a) {reason} Kicks a player* ultraban.kick
/warn {player} (-s/-a) {reason} Warn a player* ultraban.warn
/lockdown {on/off/status} Disables Player Joins while Enabled ultraban.lockdown
/jail {setjail/setrelease/player} Jails a player, Set Points ultraban.jail
/tempjail {player} (-s/-a) {amt} {sec/min/hour/day} {Reason} Temporarily Jails a player to a location ultraban.tempjail
/pardon {player} Release a Player ultraban.pardon
/lockdown {on/off/status} Disables Player Joins while Enabled ultraban.lockdown
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ### Information
Command Description Permission
/checkban {player} Check a players entries ultraban.checkban
/checkip {player} Check a players ip ultraban.checkip
/uping {player} Check a players ping
/dupeip {player} Check a players ip against all players ultraban.dupeip
/history {amt} Shows most recent entries ultraban.history
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ### Management
Command Description Permission
/uclean Scrubs Player dat files removing banned players ultraban.clean
/ustatus Shows current Ultrabans status ultraban.status
/ureload Reloads the plugin ultraban.reload
/uhelp Shows Help
/uversion Shows current Ultrabans Version ultraban.version
/editban Edit a ban ultraban.editban
/exportbans Export bans to default text files ultraban.export
/importbans Import bans to default text files ultraban.import
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ### Tools
Command Description Permission
/fine {player} {amt} Fine a player ultraban.fine
/empty {player} Empty a player's inventory ultraban.empty
/invof {player} Shows the current inventory of a player ultraban.inv
/forcespawn {player} teleports player to the default world spawn ultraban.spawn
/starve {player} Starves a player ultraban.starve
/umute {player} Toggles Mute for a player ultraban.mute