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mraptor (MacroRaptor)

mraptor is a tool designed to detect most malicious VBA Macros using generic heuristics. Unlike antivirus engines, it does not rely on signatures.

In a nutshell, mraptor detects keywords corresponding to the three following types of behaviour that are present in clear text in almost any macro malware:

  • A: Auto-execution trigger
  • W: Write to the file system or memory
  • X: Execute a file or any payload outside the VBA context

mraptor considers that a macro is suspicious when A and (W or X) is true.

For more information about mraptor's detection algorithm, see the article How to detect most malicious macros without an antivirus.

mraptor can be used either as a command-line tool, or as a python module from your own applications.

It is part of the python-oletools package.


Usage: [options] <filename> [filename2 ...]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -r                    find files recursively in subdirectories.
                        if the file is a zip archive, open all files from it,
                        using the provided password (requires Python 2.6+)
  -f ZIP_FNAME, --zipfname=ZIP_FNAME
                        if the file is a zip archive, file(s) to be opened
                        within the zip. Wildcards * and ? are supported.
  -l LOGLEVEL, --loglevel=LOGLEVEL
                        logging level debug/info/warning/error/critical
  -m, --matches         Show matched strings.

An exit code is returned based on the analysis result:
 - 0: No Macro
 - 1: Not MS Office
 - 2: Macro OK
 - 10: ERROR


Scan a single file: file.doc

Scan a single file, stored in a Zip archive with password "infected": -z infected

Scan a collection of files stored in a folder: "MalwareZoo/VBA/*"

Important: on Linux/MacOSX, always add double quotes around a file name when you use wildcards such as * and ?. Otherwise, the shell may replace the argument with the actual list of files matching the wildcards before starting the script.

Python 3 support - mraptor3

As of v0.50, mraptor has been ported to Python 3 thanks to @sebdraven. However, the differences between Python 2 and 3 are significant and for now there is a separate version of mraptor named mraptor3 to be used with Python 3.

How to use mraptor in Python applications


python-oletools documentation

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