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EcoGames - show environmental disaster results (global warming, floods, etc) #72

Dmitry1987 opened this issue Oct 23, 2017 · 7 comments


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@Dmitry1987 Dmitry1987 commented Oct 23, 2017

Title: EcoGames


EcoGames district will have few multiplayer mini games to participate in, each mini game will utilize few or more parcels, and show an environment devastated by floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, etc'.

Project Lead: Dmitry Shmakov (


We have 3D artists and game developers from around the world who are ready to implement whatever the community might want. At the moment we're developing mobile games, few of us are also members of established game studios. Our current website is (it's not yet complete, I have to fill in what's planned for our 3rd and 4th game, this website is basically for a Kickstarter that we plan to launch, but we want to make our stuff and idea available in Decentraland too - and if the owners of Decentraland will help with funding, we can deliver kickass results in no time. At the moment we work on 3 mobile game prototypes using our own funds).


We want to create awareness on critical environmental issues - through games.
Teens of today, are the businessmen and politicians of tomorrow, we can educate the next generation, using game narrative and cinematic features. A thorough education on ecology and the environment, in a fun format of action and adventure games, will help our audience to make right decisions when voting for political parties in the nearest future and taking other important decisions, like which products to buy and which companies to support.

Category: Public

LAND Needed: 1800

Startup Costs:

To build the district, 3D artists and developers will need the following funds, approximately, for each sub-district (mini game):

(50k$) Mini game 1: "Arctic 30" - this part will show oil rigs in middle of ocean, like this one:

and there will be start point - to get on a ship, like Arctic Sunrise of Greenpeace, and sail towards oil platform to try and stop it from operation. They will need to rescue animals on their way. On the other hand - people who support oil drilling or just want to play as bad guys, will play the oil rig workers role, their mission will be to keep the rig operating, by clicking special devices and doing some actions together.

(200k$) Mini game 2: "Rescue team" - floods, hurricanes, forest fires, and tsunamis await those who dare visiting this mini game sub-district.
Narrative (billboards) will explain that if we don't reduce global warming, catastrophic consequences await next generations.
Play mechanics will be different from section to section. One of them will be jumping on house rooftops among flooded city streets and rescuing people - when you rescue and NPC, a helicopter comes to take him away.

(40k$) Mini game 3: Deforestation. Will show NPCs working on cutting trees, animals fleeing, etc'.
The player will need to pass a difficult quest involving politicians, corruption, palm oil plantations mafia :D , and cause the deforestation to stop. Multiplayer efforts only, can stop the workers and restore the forests. The mini game will run in rounds - after a complete win, when forest "restored and grown up again" , new NPC workers will spawn and start destroying the forests again.

How will funds be raised: by asking Decentraland owners to contribute, help save our planet! :)

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@Dmitry1987 Dmitry1987 commented Oct 23, 2017

Can write more details if anyone shows interest :)

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@BenDelGreco BenDelGreco commented Oct 25, 2017

Sounds like a really interesting project, but a little bit expensive...
Can you elaborate how did you come with those numbers?

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@Dmitry1987 Dmitry1987 commented Oct 27, 2017

Sure @BenDelGreco =) , I have this estimation because I know game development prices. Only those who are far from gamedev, can see those numbers as "expensive" :) , it's a dirt cheap minimum estimation, especially when speaking about VR world, and unknown new technology instead Unity (you can find devs who know Unity, but how many A-Frame experts you can hire? and to deliver anything of quality, you need experts and not amateurs). I was flash 2D games developer 5 years, and for example the game "Kingdom Rush" by Armor Games cost them 40k$ (I participated a lot on FGL so know about prices etc'), and it's just a nice looking 2D tower defense game (I mean the original Flash version in 2011, cost them 40k$, later they released mobile). Now we're talking 3D, and we're talking VR. What do you think by the way - does this content need to be QA tested? (stuff we put in decentraland on our parcels), and what's current average rate of QA for A-Frame developed content?

Here's another simple example, one of our team members works in a studio, and soon releases this game on Steam:
Just a good looking breakout mechanics with effects and animations, no VR, nothing fancy. Please estimate\guess what the total development cost was? :)

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@roadcrypto roadcrypto commented Oct 29, 2017



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@BenDelGreco BenDelGreco commented Oct 29, 2017

Sorry @Dmitry1987 , I think there was a misunderstanding :-) . I was not asking to justify the costs, as you are right on the estimations (maybe even a bit low), I am more interested on how the resources are spent.
Nontheless 50k$ or 200k$ is not change and deserves an in depth explanation, in my opinion.

Since the majority of Districts (or at least the ones i'm interested in) are not asking for development funds and since your district idea picked up my attention, I want to understand where the money goes before investing/buying. You know better than me the risks of "pre-ordering" a software or a game which is not ready yet.

Have you already a roadmap? What is the state of your project? Why do you think Decentraland is the best platform for your project?

Looking forward to hear more about your district :-)

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@Dmitry1987 Dmitry1987 commented Oct 30, 2017

Thanks for your interest @BenDelGreco .
This project will not generate any income, so if anyone buys land attached to the district with hopes of income will be disappointed.
If the founders of decentraland will sponsor this "showcase" of natural disaster consequences, we will create quality education mini games that are fun to play and explore, and they will teach about important factors that will affect our future on Earth in next 50-100 years.
No Ads, no sales, just an educational program to raise awareness among more people.

I have like 1% belief that this will be either sponsored by admins, or joined by anyone, so just posted it here to prove myself one more time that in crypto space any single person is here for the $$$.

Anyway I'm getting some parcels myself and will upload there our stuff - so it will be a small exhibition even if was not sponsored by anyone for larger scale.

At the moment I'm putting 20-30k mana to genesis city (October bonus :D ), just to have also central spot to place our EcoGames stuff. But in November will put 20-30k to EcoGames district.

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@Dmitry1987 Dmitry1987 commented Oct 30, 2017

Oh, and of course I can write pricing and development stuff to justify the numbers, it's just doesn't matter that much at the moment, there are so many unanswered questions about DCL itself...

look, if I buy 20 parcels in every district, and during terraform i spread them all around the 'metaverse', then i have a network of "ad space" for endless spamming with billboards (any height! remember?) how they will protect their 'world' from this hijacking? there are just too many things that can go wrong... both from security\legal point of view (all this is anonymous, who can stop someone who bought random parcels in all districts like i said kinda for "ad network" and upload illegal content there? [imagine whatever the word illegal means to you, drug adverts, cp, anything] ).

next, again, to questions of abuse of parcels in technical terms (too many vertices, bad scripts that hang client, etc') no answers at the moment..

next for who pays the nodes and all network to run (remember this is computing power and it's not cheap) here etc' , endless things that can and will go wrong.......

so i wont bother at the moment with writing GDD for DCL district or something... we will just wait and see... if the owners can handle all this - it's incredible 'win'. if not - that's fine, it's a predictable fail then.
best of luck of course to all of us :)

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