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Interoperability Project

A project to demonstrate continuous technical demonstration of interoperability between DID Methods, Wallets, Agents, Encrypted Data Vaults, and Verifiable Credentials.

The project consists of a series of tools and web applications.


This group is primarily a "project management" group, working to educate across communities and minimize redundant or wasted work. We strive to be a welcoming place for people new to the space to get up to speed on what's happening elsewhere, as well as for insider and specialists to report out about cutting-edge development, particularly the most relevant work happening outside of DIF.

We keep a running bibliography of input documents on our Notion. To suggestion additions or updates, please open a new github issue. If it is uncontroversial, we may unceremoniously close your issue after updating the notion.

Our agenda is stored here in github-- please edit it in hackmd to propose future agenda items, and/or open issues for broader agenda questions.



  • Ongoing educational curation of DIF youtube channel
  • VC Spec Map, created, researched and maintained by independent researcher Michael Ruminer
  • Ongoing bibliography of input documents and references

Minor Deliverables

Open to pull requests and issues if you spot factual errors or significant omissions!

Name Description status/version most recent link date
Wallet Cred Format Matrix A high-level survey of "wallets" and wallet-link things, showing their current and roadmapped credential-type support as a simple markdown matrix ongoing / crowdsource (hackmd still open) hackmd oct 24 2020
Interop Targets (essay) An overview of the multi-polar terrain of interoperability test suites and harnesses 1/2 dif blog Q1 2021
Map (pdf) A drilled-down map of all the varieties of components used in a core set of decentralized identity applications known to the group v0.0.9 github pdf oct 24 2020
Map (pdf) A simplified graphic interpretation of the above, used for planning purposes in a German Schaufenster project and submitted by a member v0.0.9 github pdf nov 2020
Map (whimsical) Same as above, except in editable and commentable (DIF-controlled) Whimsical diagram v0.0.9 whimsical sept 2020
Map Familiarity Survey A self-assesment for members to express their general familiarity or conceptual understanding of all the items on v0.0.9 of the map above v0.0.9 hoolie survey Oct 2020
Map Familiarity Survey results analysis Infographic showing relative high and low points for familiarity of the core group (24 responses) v0.0.9 github PDF Oct 2020
SSI 101 #iiw31 Slides (PDF) Karyl Fowler's and Juan Caballero's pitch deck from SSI101 session at #IIW31 v1 (exhibited at conference) github PDF oct 24 2020
SSI 101 #iiw31 Recording (Youtube) Video of Karyl Fowler's and Juan Caballero's full session, including Q&A, from SSI101 session at #IIW31 v1 (exhibited at conference) youtube oct 24 2020
Architectural Stack & Community Efforts overview (aka "the three stacks diagram") Rouven Heck's interpretation of the spec landscape mapped onto layers 1-3 of the ToIP mental model, across the W3C-centric, Hyperledger, and DIF communities. v1 github (PDF) Sept 2020

Related DIF Work

Mailing List

Please join the mailing list by sending an email to:


The archive and information hub for the cross-community interoperability project. Focus is on education and familiarity for various efforts across multiple groups for interoperable decentralized identity infrastructure.








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