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Decred Network Stats

This is a visual interface for tracking Decred network status. It uses WebSockets to receive stats from running Decred daemon and output them through an angular interface.


  • node
  • npm


Make sure you have node.js and npm installed.

Clone the repository and install the dependencies

git clone
cd dcr-netstats
npm install
sudo npm install -g grunt-cli

##Build the resources In order to build the static files you have to run grunt tasks which will generate dist directory with the static js and css files, fonts and images.

To build the full version run



Change your credentials in lib/utils/config.json You need to set user, password and full path to the rpc.cert

Install pm2 package globally

npm install -g pm2

And run application

pm2 startOrRestart package.json --env=production

see the interface at http://localhost:3000


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