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VRS-Custom-links 🛩️ MIT License VRS version 2.4 Build Status GitHub release bitHound Code bitHound Overall Score

Custom links for Virtual Radar Server (a.k.a. VRS). This plug-in add new links to the Detail panel, that may help identify new aircraft or find pictures to the existing ones.


  • VRS installed and running
  • VRS Custom Content Plugin installed and enabled.


  • Clone or download the repo into a directory on the machine where VRS is running. Ensure you do not place the files under the Virtual Radar Server directory, since they could be overwritten on upgrades.
  • Configure the VRS Custom Content Plugin to add the "CustomLink.js" file into the END of HEAD portion of the pages, with an " * " (without quotes and spaces) on the Address field, so it will populate the links on all pages (including reports).
  • Enjoy!

##Acknowledgments This project was only possible thanks to the invaluable help of many individuals and communities, especially the creator of the VRS, Andrew Whewell, always solicitous in his forum; Andrew Hill, whose site inspired me deeply; and all of the ADS-B Brasil community, including Ramon Martins and Jaime Hempke, which together maintain the excellent site

##Contributions Feel free to download and share these files, suggest corrections, or send requests for more aviation links, as I'm constantly updating this repository with new usefull resources.

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