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This script will access your Twitter stream and create a text file with all the past tweets in JSON format. It also supports updating of the text file in subsequent runs.

The Twitter API currently limits access to a maximum of 3200 tweets in your timeline. Hence if you have tweeted more often than that, you will not be able to retrieve beyond 3200 past tweets.


You need to have Haskell (GHC 6.10 or 6.12 should do) and Cabal installed.

cabal install hs-twitterarchiver


For help, run hs-twitterarchiver

Here is an example of how I use the script to archive all my tweets from account vyom to a file called vyom.json.

hs-twitterarchiver vyom

If a file called vyom.json already exists in the current folder from a previous run, only the latest Tweets after the previous run will be fetched and the file will be updated.


Mail me any feedback you have at