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helps users prepare for technical Javascript interviews with questions preparation quizzes.

Basic Concept:

CodeDrills helps a web developer prepare for technical interview questions by taking practice quizzes on technical subjects. There's a prototype at Netlify. This has been changed to Netlify.

User Stories:

  1. As a user I should be able to create my account.
  2. ...I should be able to take a practice quiz
  3. ...I should be able to set the number of questions to ask
  4. ...I should be able to determine what percentage of each category the quiz is composed of
  5. ...I should be able to see a review of how I did on my most recent quiz
  6. ...I should be able to add questions for my account
  7. ...I should be able to see statistical data my scores for each category
  8. ...I should be able to research each question from a link on the question answer
  9. ...I should be able to pause the quiz

Core Functionality for MVP:

  1. Create account
  2. Take practice quiz
  3. Review performance on quiz
  4. Add a question to my account and assgin to a category


  1. Landing page (description sign up, login
  2. Sign up page
  3. Log in page
  4. After log in page (statistics? start a quiz, view profile, add a question, etc)
  5. Begin quiz page (set parameters etc)
  6. Individual question page after start of quiz
  7. End of quiz page with stats
  8. Log out page
  9. Profile page (change username, avatar, password -- include summary)
  10. Add a question page
  11. About page (I'm Dave, here's my github, contact etc)

Here's the component layout...


CodeDrills React capstone






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