Native programming on HP Prime the hard way
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Rip'Em is a 3rd party firmware for the HP Prime calculator.

As always : please void your warranty in a responsible manner. I will decline any responsibility should you turn your HP Prime into the thinnest CAS calculator brick available currently on the market.

How to build

On Debian and Debian-like systems :

  • Install the ARM cross-compiler toolchain (apt-get install binutils-arm-none-eabi gcc-arm-none-eabi gdb-arm-none-eabi) ;
  • Install support packages (apt-get install build-essential libelf1 libelf-dev) ;
  • Run make inside the top-level directory.

Everything else : you are on your own.

How to install

Using the HP Connectivity Kit :

  • Replace PRIME_OS.ROM with the file bin/ripem/PRIME_OS.ROM generated when building Rip'Em ;
  • Flash the new firmware.

Everything else : you are on your own.

How to use

A graphical menu is shown to select a payload to run.

These payloads are currently available :

  • dumbcalc.elf : a dumb integer RPN calculator, as a concrete demo ;
  • dummy.elf : a dummy payload to showcase functionality ;
  • gdbstub_serial.elf : a bare-bones GDB stub over the UART.


Haven't picked one yet. Should somebody else tries to contribute to this, a LICENSE file will appear in the repository, possibly with the BSD license text inside.